When Less Really Is More


Less is more.

You’ve probably heard it before. It’s the minimalist’s mantra, and in a loud world longing for simplicity, it makes sense. Rejecting the extraneous and embracing minimalism is a welcome change.

But even minimalism can be complicated. A quick online search for minimalism brings up 334,000,000 hits. That’s 334,000,000 ways to “simplify” your life. A reality of living in the information age is the non-stop flow of ways to make life better. We can perfect our schedules, our meal plans, our health, our careers, our homes, our relationships . . . you name it!

perfectionism is insatiable. It always demands more.

Perfectionism offers us one of two mantras:

I need more . . . to have more, to do more, to be more.

And when we hit our inescapable limits and more proves to be elusive, it offers us the other:

I’m not enough

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