embraced by love, sustained by joy


I’m Kim

and I wear a lot of hats

Daughter, follower, wife, mom, friend, “Mina”

My story was written before there was time, and it is revealed to me step by step and day by day. While the story is mine, I am not the main character. My loving Father wrote my story and He is the hero of it. As I live it, I want to write and talk about it, sharing my joys, sorrows, and lessons learned as a fellow sojourner.

I pray something you read here will encourage you on your journey.

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You’re Not That Special

Embracing the wonder and joy of your everyday life.

Listen in to our mother-daughter conversations, co-hosted with my favorite lady Emily Dean.

What friends are saying:

“This podcast is a highlight to my week! It always gives me a little time to rest, think, and feel inspired. My heart feels refreshed every single time I listen.” 

“Listening to this feels like having a conversation with Kim and Emy. They don’t speak about fluffy things. They speak about important things. The world needs more podcasts like that.”


Reject the traps of perfectionism and be set free!

“As someone who has struggled with perfectionism and anxiety for most of my life, Kim Hyland’s words are life and breath and freedom to me. This is a message every woman needs to hear—not just once but many times.”

Holley Gerth

Wall Street Journal bestselling author


Thoughts and reflections on life, faith and family.

Words are my “love language” and I’ve written some for you!


Winsome Living Retreats

A retreat where every woman is an integral part of a weekend of celebration, encouragement, inspiration, healing, and rest.

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