Writing On Rocks

I wrote on a rock last weekend along with a hundred other ladies.

We wrote about the things that hold us back, steal our dreams, and eat our lunch.

Boulders that stop me in my tracks.

Heavy stones that burden and weigh down my journey.
And most often, pebbles in my shoe that nag, annoy, give me blisters on my feet, and over time make me wonder if it’s all worth it.
These are powerful rocks whatever the size.
Dropping them in wicker baskets, we resolved to not let the words on those rocks define us any longer.
We decided we’d had enough of not being enough.
It was powerful.
As I walked away the strong image of rocks in my life and the lives of those I love stuck with me.
But then I thought of other rocks.
The ones that build.
Foundations for a life.
Rocks that make a heart a safe haven. A home.

These rocks have words written on them too.

Words written by the ones who love.
They define.
I want to write these words on rocks.
Collect them, read them, and let them strengthen my heart and dreams.
Make them rock solid.
And I want to write them on the hearts of the ones I love.
Words made permanent by the substance that bares them.

Words that launch instead of impede.

Words that make you fly.

I’m going rock hunting.

Thank you to Jennifer Dukes Lee for her inspiring message at the Jumping Tandem Retreat. You can read about it here and here.

Yes, that’s my 23 year old son the daredevil. No, I wasn’t there. These things only happen with their father (the 52 year old daredevil).


  1. Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com

    Oh girl … you are a living stone. On Christ the solid rock you stand … So grateful for your shared words here. Love, Jennifer

    • kimhyland

      Thank you, Jennifer!

  2. Caryn Christensen

    EEEEK! The mama in me WAS asking, "Is THAT someone she knows jumping from rock to rock?" I laughed when you said you weren't there. Couldn't imagine {a mama} taking a picture of that!
    Anyway….what a beautiful post {as always} Kim. I love that you brought it around to other rocks…good rocks.

    "The ones that build. Cornerstones. Foundations for a life. Rocks that make a heart a safe haven. A home."

    Just beautiful.

    • kimhyland

      Yes, that's why I often don't go with the boys when they hike. I just stay home and pray 😉 Thank you for your encouragement, Caryn!

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