My Girl

She moves like a dancer. 
In a coffee shop.
From the oven where she starts the scones. 
To the coffee machine. 
I hear the shoosh of beans loading in.
The music is turned up loud. Yesterday, she explained to me how syncopated rhythms release endorphins. I think it’s what makes her blood flow. Heart beat. Mind awake. Body take courage to face the day.
We left a little later today. At least not 5:30 AM. I’m waiting here in this funky little coffee shop until church starts. 
My girl. She makes me proud. 
And brings me to my knees. 
I’d die for her in a heartbeat, but some days I break her heart. And some days she breaks mine.
This dance between mother and daughter can be a violent one. Like a tango.
But it can be a waltz too. Smooth, airy, sweet.
God, give us grace enough to keep dancing through the seasons, years, changes, misunderstandings, offenses, hurts, joys, celebrations. 
No matter the rhythm, help us just turn up the music loud.
And dance.
Thank you to all those who left comments last weekend on “Thirty Days of Thanks.” The winner of the One Thousand Gifts Devotional is . . . Sue Mullen!


  1. Sara Harris

    I love reading your blog. I just wanted you to know that. 🙂 thank you!

    • kimhyland

      Thank you, Sara. I really appreciate you saying so and am so glad you enjoy reading it!

  2. Julie

    Nicely said…..I'm watching and taking notes on the Mother/Daughter dance.
    Why is it so challenging to raise a daughter? Especially since we already are daughters? Did I not learn anything in my own growing up? Some days it seems like there is an alien in my house. And then, a shift changes and the daughter is the most joyous part of the day. Thank you God for the tango and the waltz moments.

    • kimhyland

      Good questions. But I have no answers, except yours . . THANKS in all the moments! XO

  3. Kath

    Yes, I like that you see it as a dance. And the prayer to keep dancing, I pray it too.

    • kimhyland

      Praying with you, Kath! 🙂

  4. Kati Woronka

    Oh I love a good coffee shop, and this definitely looks like one. A celebration like this blog is a good dance in and of itself, isn't it!

    • kimhyland

      It's one of our favorites! Thanks for visiting, Kati!

  5. lori mcclure

    My daughter turned 10 recently, and I can feel the rhythm of our relationship changing at times. I hope I can keep learning new moves to keep up with the dance 🙂

  6. Emily Wierenga

    how fun! this makes me long for a daughter of my own.

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