Real Love

It’s hard. Pretend seems so much more attractive, but in the long run I think it might take more energy . . emotional, mental, spiritual. Like a frown takes more muscles than a smile.

There are so many words for it. Authentic. Genuine. I can’t think of anymore (that’s real).


You know it when you see it. It can be ugly but still attractive. It draws because it’s true.

And we all want to be told the truth. It’s the only thing that let’s us know our response, our thoughts, our relationships are . . well, real.

I wrote a REAL text to my husband tonight. It was hard. It was scary. It showed me there are places in my heart that even after 25 years want to play pretend.

But as scary as it is, the real feels secure.

And like my marriage, I know real life can handle the real. What else is there?

I think a lifetime of pretend is potentially exhausting.

But real can be painful too.

So along with real, I will do love.

A good combo I think.

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  1. Val

    Along with real I will do love. Yep. And thank God for the security that comes when we've found safety in the real spaces before.

  2. proverbs31heart

    Yes! Authentic…genuine…real! Hard as it is, that's what I want to be! An excellent and encouraging post, Kim! Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

  3. Anonymous

    What a great post, and what a great summation: "So along with real, I will do love."

    I am new to your blog and read back over some of your other posts and it seems like that's how you really strive to do things! Just like you did with the unexpected hiccup on the (i)RL day!


  4. Sandra Heska King

    I agree. Pretend is exhausting. Better to do real love. 🙂

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