Thirty Days of Thanks – Day 22: Meeting Him


Meeting Him in thanksgiving . .

232. weekend away with Jeff

233. beauty of creation . . God’s


234. and man’s


235. Ebenezers Coffeehouse


236. love


237. lifelong friendships
238. and dinner
239. this story: Kisses from Katie
240. reunion with a dear friend
241. and her adorable boys
242. a day off
243. surprises
244. the freedom in knowing I’m just a stroke in His painting
245. and how that’s just enough
246. wise counsel
247. time alone
248. Christmas decorations in the mall
249. Apple’s warranty and a new iPad for Em
250. how she makes me laugh
251. boys’ Bible study
252. and boys who ask to go
253. pizza with Sam and Jeff



  1. Theresa Miller

    Beautiful words for reflection.

  2. emily wierenga

    i found this incredibly moving, friend. incredibly. such grace in these words. and those photos of you and your husband? such love, there…

  3. Lindsey V

    Oh, girl! This is just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Lindsey V

      P.S. I ADORE your banner picture!!

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