Sun Through Clouds

I stare at him through tears and snot

The congestion in my head a mirror of that in my heart
I want to clear both
I want the tears to stop falling and the clouds around my heart and mind to clear
like they do so often after the rain
But they won’t
The hurt and confusion that lies between us remains unresolved
Though the storm and its impending fury blew over,
it remains grey and cold and drizzly
I long to blow this mess away
My heart cries for the clarity and security of intimacy
As I stare, I think,
“If I could just be stronger. More together. More on top of things.”
Like emotions, fatigue, schedules
Without a word spoken, he reads my mind
His hand touches my wet cheek
He says,
“Don’t change. I don’t want you to.”
And the sun peeks out
What more could I ask for?
This man who hears my honest thoughts
Touches my weary face
And affirms the woman I am
As I am
Sometimes rain and tears and hurt confuse
Today they revealed
A love more clear and secure and warm than I knew
Joining Emily and others at “imperfect prose”
Photo borrowed from a talented young artist at:


  1. Jodi

    This is an "every woman" prose. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Wandering On Purpose

    This spoke so powerfully I had to reread it.
    "Sometimes rain and tears and hurt confuse
    Today they revealed"
    Those lines will stick with me.

  3. Brian Miller

    sometimes they confuse and others they allow us to clear it all away and see…beautiful…and it is a love that is incomprehendable…

    my imperfect prose

  4. Melissa Runcie | Madabella

    i first have to say that everytime i visit that photo of your son just gets me giddy. so sweet.

    and this. this was beautiful…oh that He sees beyond ourselves and loves us deep…

  5. Camille

    Thank you for stopping by today and leaving an encouraging comment! It's lovely to "meet" you. Your header photo is wonderful…so sweet. 🙂

    What a lovely poem. How true it is, we can get ourselves in such a state. How precious that our men are in this with us together. More precious still is the fact that the LORD is with us each step of the way. Might we all look to HIM more and sooner. 🙂


  6. JoAnn

    your poem reveals how precious love and grace are. So so precious.

  7. TALON

    This is what love is…

  8. Shauna

    Oh have mercy. I stand with you in this, identifying with every word. You are beautiful, sister of mine, and His grace to you abounds, that you may flourish in absolute Love.

  9. emily wierenga

    i know these moments, well. you captured it perfectly, and your agony of spirit and the grace that ensued… breathtaking… beautiful. thank you for linking, friend. that we may all know this kind of love…

  10. J

    I feel the angst, as well as the relief. Well written..thank you for sharing.

  11. Nancy

    Am watching my daughter as she prepares for to get married and wonder how to prepare her for moments like this. I'm not sure I can. But, like Jodi said, it is "every woman" prose. We know this poem–we've lived it.

  12. Jingle

    beautiful love prose.

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