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There are few things as exciting to me as the opportunity to share what I’m learning and to encourage women with the glorious truth of God’s word! I’d love to speak at your next women’s group, Bible study, retreat, brunch, etc.


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These are some of the talks I’ve given

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Where a Perfect God Meets Our Imperfect Lives
You were lovingly created by a perfect God and made fora perfect place, but we all know this life is far from perfect. The good news of the Gospel is God’s desire to restore us to perfection through Christ and our relationship with Him. Drawing from her book An Imperfect Woman: Letting Go of the Need to Have It All Together, Kim will share the surprising intersection of God’s perfection and our imperfection.

Perfectionism & the Saboteur
Not all women consider themselves perfectionists. But when we take a close look, most of us will find perfectionism lurking around the edges of our lives, even if it’s not in the driver’s seat. We recognize it in ambition and type-A personalities, but just as often it’s disguised as fear, discouragement, or apathy. Whatever it looks like, perfectionism is a thief and a tool of our enemy. Recognizing it and calling it out frees us to walk boldly and wisely in the unique paths God has ordained for us.

The Role of Desire in the Life of the Christian 
Desire is a powerful force in our lives. As such, we tend to view it suspiciously. But paying close attention to our deep desires and heart cravings, whether positive or negative, has the potential to reveal our hearts and lead us into greater intimacy with our Father. Living rightly from a heart of desire takes prayer and purpose. Kim will explore how as we investigate and reconnect to our desires, we can harness a strong motivation that will energize and bring sustaining joy to our everyday life.

Everyday Justice
The heart of God beats strong and loud for justice. Justice for the poor, oppressed, and exploited of our world. As women who follow Him, our hearts need to beat in time with His. But how? The evil and injustice of this world are overwhelming. And so are my laundry, bills, relationships, jobs, etc. How do I respond to this call for justice when life is already so full? We want to wrestle with this hard reality . . the world’s mess and ours. We believe there are answers and hope for both! Your answer may not look anything like mine. It’s as unique as you and your role in God’s great plan!

The Reciprocity of Freedom
There is a slavery of the soul by which many women are bound. Unfortunately, slavery is not limited to a woman’s soul. The crisis of modern day slavery, also referred to as human trafficking, is one many are just becoming aware of. But it is a reality . . more real than when our country fought against it over one hundred years ago. As women who are free physically become aware, compassionate, and engaged with those who are physically enslaved, there is a reciprocal freedom that can occur. Discover how as a community of women who live authentically and embrace diversity, we are equipped to live lives of great freedom and strength, both body and soul, and in so doing, bring freedom to others.

Why Winsome?
Why WINSOME? Because we all want to be! It literally means {JOY} some.  And who doesn’t want some JOY? We’re not talking about circumstantial, bubbly, fragile joy, but deep, strong, messy, right-here JOY. In these circumstances . . good or bad. JOY that not only brings happiness on our good days but sustains us through our worst.

Walking by Faith 
“Walking by faith” sounds really great, but how do you do it? Every woman’s faith walk is different, because none of us have the same story. But there are three distinctives of a woman who walks by faith: a heart concerned with what concerns God, awareness of His unlimited resources, and keeping eternity in mind. As we let these truths guide us, they will keep us headed in the right direction and sustain us as we walk.

Enough: Because He Is, I Am
“Not enough.” It’s a sentiment that’s familiar to many. But if you’re a child of God, it’s not true. Every day we’re confronted with the reality of our limitations, but God’s word is full of evidence and reasons why we have everything we need. Our identity as His daughters, His promises, and the body of Christ are means of His grace to equip, empower, and sustain us for all our days.
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For booking inquiries, please use the form below.

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