I think one of the most wonderful truths about God is that His mercy never ends. It’s also one of the hardest for me to believe. 

I’ve never known anyone to love like that. A perfect God always patiently enduring and responding to both my unintentional guffaws and my totally intentional slights with mercy? I have to tell my heart over and over that it’s true. 

In my inner court, I arrive guilty too many times to receive mercy yet again. Surely, this time He will say something to the effect of “I’ve told you a thousand times, and here you are again. This time you’ll just have to sit here awhile in the mess you’ve made.”

It’s only just isn’t it? I mean we have to pay the piper, suffer the consequences.

We are conditioned to understand the law. It’s easy. But mercy takes some wrapping our head and heart around.

Still not quite convinced? I understand. It sounds just a little too good to be true.

Take a look at Psalm 136:1 . . . 

endures forever.

The Hebrew word chesed is translated here as lovingkindess. A word that encompasses not only God’s unending mercy but His grace and compassion too. 

And just to make sure we get it, the Psalmist repeats the wonderful truth, for His lovingkindness endures forever, twenty-six times, once for every verse in the chapter.

Believe it, friend! Our good Father and His infinite mercy are beyond our understanding. Maybe that’s why He renews them daily.

As we receive His grace, mercy and compassion our hearts will grow in confidence and trust. And at the end of our difficult days, we will rest in the hope that His mercies will rise with the sun.

This has been on my morning playlist all week. Enjoy!

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